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Jennifer Wilson Coaching

Achieving your goals in one area of your life is affected by all the other areas.  Juggling work, personal life and other commitments are all integral to your performance.  Purchasing an online training routine does not address your personal needs.  By using Jennifer's approach to coaching your personal needs are met and your program is just as uinque as you are.

Jennifer has coached many riders to a gran fondo, century and race successes!  

Coaching Programs

General Cycling Fitness - $350/month

Perfect for the individual who is wanting to get into the activity/sport of cycling or those that want to fine tune their skills to increase their overall fitness and pleasure with the sport.


Package includes first meeting for 2 hours plus:

1.  Overall bike fit and equipment check

2.  Basic bike handling skills (general positioning, cornering, climbing and descending)

3.  Fitness Test to arrive at exercise heart rates/watts (wattage is optional if rider has power meter)

4.  Basic bike maintenance

5.  Gain confidence riding on the road and negotiating traffic

6.  Zone Training - weekly/monthly workouts designed for fitness integrating your personal schedule.  Working towards any target goals/dates that you may have.

7.  Unlimited contact via phone and email.


Fun Ride/Group Training - $450/month

For the rider with specific goals in mind i.e. a century, gran fondo, fundraising ride or just winnning the sprint or climb on the group ride.


Package includes all of the above, first meeting 2 hours plus:

1.  Zone traning for specific goals with weekly/monthly workouts designed with proper build for target event(s).

2.  Cycling nutrition advice pre, during and post ride.

3.  Bi-monthly review of cycling data


Race Training - $550/month

Specific training for all aspects of pre-season, race-season and post-season riding.  Find and use your target races to formulate proper periodization training with peaking and taperin at the correct times for optimum fitness and race readiness.  If you are new to racing developing you as a rider and identifying your strengths and weaknesses while improving both.  And, if you are a seasoned racer continuing to enhance your strengths and even untilizing your weaknesses to make you a better rider all around given your cycling speciality.


Program includes all of the above, first meeting 4 hours,  plus:

1.  Race nutrition for proper pre-race, during race and post-race fueling.

2.  Race warm up workout plans for specific races and needs of rider.

3.  Race recovery and warm down plans.

4.  Weekly review of cycling data.

5.  One time per month 1 hour personal ride when applicable.

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